Frequently Asked Questions

What are the staff experience and knowledge?

All staff are trained to use both Fat Burning and Toning Tables.  IPL and Beauty treatments will only be carried out by trained technicians.

I have a lot of weight to loose and feel uncomfortable to go to a gym?

We have all been on a journey to loose and weight and in some cases are continuing on a journey.  We offer personal and friendly customer service and you will feel right at home.  Our motto doesn’t matter what size you are we are here to help.

What is the cost of packages, adhoc sessions for Fat Burning?

Initial Fat Burning package $690 for 12 sessions, corporate packages are on offer.

Adhoc sessions $59 per session

What is the cost of packages, adhoc sessions for Toning Tables?

Initial Toning table package $450 per month, annual, 6 month packages and corporate packages are available.

Adhoc sessions $49 per session

What is the benefit of Fat Burning and Toning Tables?

Fat Burning is an exercising using a vacuum pressure which forces circulation into fat deposit cells..

Toning tables power assisted exercise machine which works your body smarter not harder and any minimum age of 16 – 100 can participate.

How many sessions do I need to do to see the benefits for fat burning and toning tables?

Recommended to complete 12 sessions of Fat Burning to notice the benefit of weight loss and notice the difference in dress size. However you may notice the benefits after the first 3 sessions.

Will notice a difference after 10 sessions completing 2 or 3 a week.

Are there any restrictions to use Fat Burning and Toning Tables?

Fat Burning: Restrictions 12 weeks after having a child, unwell, virus, undergoing medical treatment ie cancer, injuries, migraines, pain during menstrual cycle, contact us for further details.

Toning: Restrictions some disability may be restricted in using equipment ie pacemaker are unable to use Easy Tone range. May require doctors approval

My child is disabled can he do toning tables?

After carrying out any IPL treatments, skin is photosensitive and requires to be out of the sun for at least 21 days to prevent burning. Recommended to carry out IPL treatments outside of December and January, prior and returning from holidays in the sun as highest risk of burning.

Is this a female or mixed studio?

Our studio is mixed, however we do operate female only sessions.