Intense Pulsed Light

What is IPL

Lasers and IPL (intense pulsed light) devices, (which are not technically lasers but work on a similar principal), can be used for hair reduction and skin treatments such as removing spider veins, improving skin tone, ant aging, acne, pigmentation and to remove tattoos.

Permanent hair reduction is becoming increasingly popular.

Permanent hair reduction involves the use of either a single wavelength of light (laser) or a flash of light containing hundreds of wavelengths (IPL or broadband light BBL).
Melanin within the hair follicles is targeted, heating and damaging the follicles in an active growth cycle.

How long will it last

It is expected that 20% of hair will grow back slowly, and under a maintenance programme to reduce hair growth.

IPL Antiaging, acne vascular and pigmentation

This form of beauty treatment is ahead in the industry which helps to improve texture and age of skin making you feel and look younger, also can improve scaring and pigmentation.

Who can use

Only hairs that have colour can be treated. White and grey hairs may not respond for IPL hair removal.

Success of the treatment depends on your colouring, with laser generally working best on fair skin and dark hair.

Fairer skin and red hair will respond to a lesser degree and those with darker skin can be treated, but only with a great deal of care.

Some skin types may not be suitable for IPL beauty treatments and suggest speak to the consultant for advice and skin analysis.