What our clients say about us

I am 56 years old and I originally went to Easy Tone to improve my muscle tone. However, I soon realised the health benefits. I no longer suffer chronic cramping in my feet and legs, my lower back pain has disappeared, I no longer suffer with constipation and my general fitness has improved dramatically.

Six weeks ago I had a serious car accident in which I broke teeth, suffered massive cartilage and tissue damage and fractured a vertebrae in two places. The original prognosis was 3 months total bed rest and a likelihood of surgery to insert a rod to give the vertebrae stability. Last Thursday’s X-ray reveal the vertebrae had stabilised after only six weeks. Dr. Mednis, my orthopaedic surgeon, told me two things saved me – my muscle strength and overall fitness and the fact I don’t carry any excess weight.

I contribute my miraculous recovery to Easy Tone and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Ms D Miller56 years

I am 38 years old and used Fat Burning, G5 for several months with De La Beaute in Sunnybank. I have noticed significant benefit in weight loss, body sculpture and feel so much better. This has helped me to improve my healthy eating and the ladies have been so helpful in guiding me during my journey. This is now part of day to day lifestyle.

A Rafe38 years

I have been an exerciser since I can remember but have never seen the results I desire from conventional forms of fitness. Finally a really simple formula that doesn’t see you wasting hours of time at the gym and that actually reduces your waist and thighs by cm! I’m really happy with the appearance of my skin tone and the cellulite. I have toned up. I also lost inches around my thighs and even my knees. Fat Burning has helped my medical condition assisting with blood circulation and water retention. This was recommended by my local doctor.

Professional and friendly staff through and through. No job is too big for these lovely ladies of many talents! You have fun while you exercise. The atmosphere is delightful and there are always wonderful ladies to talk to.

Would recommend Fat Burning to those that are serious about kick starting a new lifestyle and not just a temporary fix.

Susanah36 years

Thank you De La Beaute for introducing me to your toning tables and Fat Burning I have suffered with back pain for more than half my life. since Starting on these fantastic machines. I’ve noticed minimal back pain, increased flexibility, significant toning to my body overall (which is a massive bonus). This is helping to boost my morale and feeling so positive by seeing the benefits. Sensational people, great atmosphere and with improved health benefits. What more could you ask for. I highly recommend contacting the lovely team at De La Beaute to book in a free trial and consider taking up the package. I will be a member for life!!

Susy 32

I have started using toning tables at De La Beaute as I have back problems. I am 14 years old. Since using the equipment I am able to exercise without feeling any pain in my back and glad that I have started using the equipment. I am feeling so happy that I can do more activities that I used to with little or no pain. My body is reshaping and I have already lost weight and body size. I am now able to start doing Fat Burning which I am really enjoying.

Tabitha 14